I still like him, but im not sure how he feels. what should i do?

My ex and i broke up almost 3 months ago....and i still really like him. we'll talk to each other on occasion, but only if we have too. we kinda pretty much avoid each other. if you saw us the way we are at school, you would never think that our conversations last forever via Internet. one of my friends has soccer practice with him and she's told me that he still likes me and that he misses me.

but im confused because i don't feel like he likes me at all. another one of my friends told me that was because we never hang out anymore. our relationship was good for a while, but it began to strain with time, and i truely believe that when he broke up with me, he was doing it for the best.

anyways, as i was saying, i don't feel like he likes me anymore because this one girl (lets call her Tay) always HAS to laugh at everything he says. but he's the kinda guy who you wouldn't think anyone would like- for example, all his friends have gf and whatnot and hes always the guy who's by himself.

i always joke around and tell my friends that im just waiting til he realizes that im the only girl that will ever like him. they are all still shocked that i stilll like him because its been so long.

i really am not sure how he feels and to tell you the truth, im not even sure how i feel myself. my friends tell me to just tell him how i still feel and hope for the best. what should i do? and if i decide to tell him, what should i say? if anything, i think what would worry him (atleast me) the most is that if we get back together, it'll just get worse..

oh, i don't know anymore!!! a little help please? any advice is very helpful and thanks so much.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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