Help me to understand my ex?

My boyfriend and I had been together for a short time (~8 months) we had already planned and started putting into action buying a house etc..then the worst thing happened and he broke it off with me because he thought I was too cold, uncaring and negative (all related to the work stress I was having) anyway shortly afterwards we) decided to be friends and close friends at that (NOT meaning those with benefits). When i send him emails he responds, he is now swee,t caring towards me, always being there when I need him and I am there if he needs me.

This afternoon I spent the entire time with him, we flirted a little, he touched my arm and even gave me a blow kiss when we said goodbye.

Now I do want him back but we never talk about it however I think he does know. I was hoping that with time he would see how great we can be? My question now is:

1. Is he being nice to me to just have me around like a security blanket (we dDO NOTt have sex and DO NOT argue all the time but aside from that nothing has really changed in our relationship.) I guess I am worried he is stringing me along until he finds something better.

2. Why do men (I mean we are both in our 30's and not children anymore) play such cruel tricks

3. Is there a remote chance that he might get interested in me again and want me back (I mean it has to come completely from him as I would never try to hit on a friend.)

4. When we broke up, he did say alot of mean things to me like he never loved me and that I was cold hearted bitch.

5. Could it be that he suddenly got cold feet about moving in together etc.. and therefore acting like he needs a break or could he really mean it. I see it in his eyes and the way he is that there are still strong feelings there, I mean we flirt, we briefly touch(NO MORE than that), he hugs me and is there for me when I have a problem.

Please help
By 15 years ago :: Dating
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