I know what i need to do...but why did HE do it?

Its a very long story but im going to make it short. Im 22 yrs old. and my ex boyfriend is 23. We have been dating for a year and a half and had a beautiful son together who is 3 months now. He already has a 3 yr old son from a previous relationship but they didnt work so he see's his son everyother weekend. Throughout our relationship i always wondered if i could trust him fully because he was always talking to other girls and he would just say im crazy for him to think he would cheat. After OUr son was born its just been ALOT. i felt disrespected because he would not help me out with our son. Not that i minded but there are times it would be nice for someone to take over..ALSO i felt he definitely could help considering he has no job..he would drink with his friends 5 out of 7 days in a week. Sometimes coming home at 4 in the morning. LIEING about where he WAS at 4am. I just wanted him to be there for me because i love him so much. He told me i am crazy and i dont trust him so he kicked me and our son out the day before christmas. Christmas was ruined. Luckly my son was to young to know what christmas is. I spent the hole day crying. The day after we had talked about trying to work it out so i went over to his house , we ended up having sex and the next morning i went to change his garabe and found a bloody condom in there!! he said his brother went in his room with a girl and it wasnt from him. It oviously bothered me so i kept asking questions about it so once again he tells me we are competley done and he cant do this anymore because i dont trust him. It was a whole week before i seen him again..he picked me up told me we were going to hang out!!..get this...he picks me up, has sex with me..then makes up this lame *** story as to why he has to take me back home. The next day i found out after he dropped me off he went to go chill with another girl...WHICH NOW IS ALREADY LEAVING AT HIS HOUSE!!! it hasnt even been 3 weeks and he already has another girl living with him and forgot about me and his son so quickly it seems!!! The worst part about all of this is the girl he is with now has the SAME NAME AS ME! and it only 17!!! he is 23!! and its like his family is totally ok with everything and has welcomed her into the family? Doesnt that show something on his mother too? I dont think i would let my son just bring girls home to live with us. I just feel so used and decieved and he doesnt even care about me or his son anymore!! He says im a bad mother because im not letting my son go over to his house to see his dad but at the same time I FEEL HURT so im not so ready for him to go over there. Also how do i trust him with our son when I WAS LIVING there i did EVERYTHING because he wouldnt and would always be drinking. Or leaving to go somewhere and his mom would end up with his kids. Well mostly the 3 yr old. Im just lonly and soo hurt i feel like i will never be able to have a relationship again i hate all men!! What should i do people ps help!!!........................sorry its so long but its a painful experiece.
By 15 years ago :: Dating
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