How would you feel if your man said he likes going to Stringfellows for the girls.

Hi, this is a question a female friend of mine has asked me; her man has said that he has gone to Stringfellows twice for the girls (a gentleman's club, with lapdancers and tableside dancers).

She saw an article about it and when she was disscussing it with him, he turned and said "what is Stringfellow without the girls? the drinks are very expensive, I went there only for the girls".

She think he is an idiot and disrespectful, the way he said "I go there for the girls".

Is it ok for one's man to go to such places? is it a betrayal?

He said to us that he is being honest and she must accept reallity that male go to such places, he said that most men go to these and not tell, he said "at least I am honest".
By tarana 15 years ago :: Dating
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