Does he feel miserable too because of the break up?

Does he feel miserable too because of the break up?
After 3 long years my boyfriend broke up with me..he said he knew we would not be happy together.. and he said he loved me before but now he does not love me in "that way" anymore. It is almost impossible for me to imagine that. He was very gentle with the break up thing and spent 4 months explaining me why we cannot marry(because of cultural difference, my straightforward, possessive attitude, not being compatible,etc,etc)... but at the end of the day... i know he has fallen out of love with me because may be i was too desperate to have him. He wanted to be very good friends with me ... but it was not possible for me to take him like that... i finally ended up from my side too by sending a text to him saying how I wasted my 3 years for a person who didn't deserve it....
It has been 2 weeks now.. no contact at all.. but deep in my heart.. i still cant believe it has happened and i feel he is feeling miserable too.. because I cannot deny that he did love my 6 months back.. but how can he be out of it if at all he loved me? Will he be back...?
By 15 years ago :: Marriage
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