would it acceptable for a woman to give a red hearted shape box with large SWEET LOVE written on it.

A cleaner gives her empolyer a red hearted shaped chocolate box with a large wording of SWEET LOVE.

my sister does not have any problem with this lady giving a gift eg, a normal box of chocolate, bottle of wine etc etc.

What upset my sister is that her boyfriend said to her that he removes her hair so that his cleaner does not see her hair (they do not live together but she visit him) he has also stated that he put her knicker away so that his cleaner did not see it.

She has been with him for 3 years, has never met the cleaner, she has had no interest in her at all. but when she saw this box of chocolate from the cleaner in September, she got angry. then she thought it was strange behaviour between him and her.

Had it been Valentine day, she would have seen it a joke for valentine but not September.

He does not see her point, he said that the cleaner is Polish and it is normal for Polish women to give these gifts to their employers.

She has asked a few Polish women, but they said they would not have chosen the red hearted shape but a normal box, which my sister would not have had any problem with if it was a normal gift from her to him, she does not mind gifts being exchanged but not the type of gift.

Her boyfriend said that his cleaner is perfect and my sister is childish.
By tarana 14 years ago :: Friends
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