My Mom treats me like a kid and I'm a senior & 18!

I've seen my Mom looking at this site.Don't know if she just reads or puts things here. I don't see a name that looks like one she would use. She mostly uses something with walker in it when she's online. I need to get reply then I will delete before she sees or maybe she won't know this is me. is my thing. My Mom treats me like a kid.I have to call home to let her know when I'm coming&I have a set time to be in. All my friends laugh at me..I mean they can stay out as long as they want & do what they want. She keeps yellin at me about stay in school& keep my grades up.She is always on me about chores! She needs to get a life! Doesn't it mean you can do what you want&when you want when you turn 18? She makes me so sick! My stepdad told her she should put me out. She hasn't but I think she is thinking about it. What kind of Mom takes the side of a man over her kid? He doesn't have any say in this...really dude get alife! Just because he pays all the bills and Mom is a stay at home Mom. Gives him no right to ask me out. What should I do? I took a swing at the lady she just makes me like so mad!UGGhh I just don't know how long I can go without punchin her! She needs to live her old life and leave young ppl lives alone. She's always talkin about the pass! How her life was so much Grandma was.. she should let the pass be in the pass. You don't hold things ppl did in the pass against them. I love my Grandma no matter what the pass was like...I mean like really?? I love her more than my Mom she understands the hell I live in at this place.. What can I do to shake this lady and her bossy ways?
By JazzyG 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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