Where R all the teens to have my back on this site!

All the old ppl R on here I see. No wonder Mom reads this crappy site! All of U agree with her. Are there any teens that at least can see what I mean? I'm glad I have friends that see what I mean. If it wasn't 4 them and my BF I just don't know...I wouldn't want 2 live. They told me if Mom tells me I can't go somewhere I can call the cops. They say it's kidnappin and cops will have my back. Is this true? Mom says I should leave for good if I feel kidnapped... I have the best friends in the world. They give great advice. Mom hates my friends and says they R bad of cours she thinks so.They R the best to me I mean who else will be there for me but them??
By JazzyG 13 years ago :: General
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