Should I still have this girl has one of my bridesmaids?

Last year I became friends with this girl who is now in my wedding. I thought we had something great going on and we talked a little bit but wanted to have her in my wedding. This is because about 5 months ago I thought we were to the point where we were really good friends. Apparently not because ever since I have asked her to be in the wedding (about 4 months ago). Now she never really says anything but Hi to me when she sees me and I have tried to speak to her send her messages and such. I really do not bring up wedding stuff so i do not sound like a bridezilla or what not. I now have a really close friend and I feel that this girl would be way closer to me after the wedding as well and I would love to have her in the wedding but in place of the other girl. Is there any way out of this?? I would prefer to not have them both in the wedding because my fiance only wants 5 groomsmen and we are already there.
By loveya 15 years ago :: Marriage
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