Have i done something wrong or is he the one who is acting out of the ordinary?

I'm 19 and have just moved out of home. My BoyF and i just moved 2hours from where we used to live but he gets really upset when i go home every two weeks for 2 days. Should i be staying with him and ignoring my family or is he over reacting? The lateste situation is when i came home (my parents place) this weekend. When we were leaving i made sure he was ok with me leaving and even left him $50 as he doesn't have a job. He was fine until today when he said he had no choice but to say it was ok for me to go home. I'm really upset. He constantly bribes me if i make a mistake (such as being misunderstood in a text or in person) and will make me think of naughty things for us to do that he knows i dislike, but it is his way of wanting me to make up for things I've done wrong unintentionally. I'm sick of the ultimatums but am i in the wrong???
By binaka 15 years ago :: Dating
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