this is the most difficult situation I have ever had to deal with and really need advice

There had been a lot ot problems between my daughter and my husband and { have written in here before but approx 2 months ago just before xmas, things got a lot worse.
My daughter met up with some new friends and 5 out of 8 of them had been abused in one way or another.
They are all part of the Emo culture and quite a lot of them are into self harm.
My daughter came to me the one day just before I was due to go to work and told me that my husband had touched her in a private way about a year and a half previously.
It only happened a couple of times apparently.
My instinct made me go straight to the police and my daughter and husband were not allowed to stay in the same house untill it had been fully investigated.
It has all since been dropped by the police due to not enough evidence but my daughter has never told me the full story of what was meant to have happened.
She is glad she has got rid of her dad and I can understand that because she hated him for a long time.
He has denied doing this and he wants to get together with my daughter and speak about this so he can salvage what he can but she wont speak to him.
We have been through hell with speaking to the police and been interviewed at the child protection unit where i was left on my own and never allowed to sit in and hear what my daughter had to say.
My daughter is my priority and she always has been but i just dont know what to believe about this.
Just the thought that my husband might have done something has been enough to throw my mind into turmoil so I still speak to my husband and meet him for coffee sometimes.
I go on and on about it to him but he still denies that anything actuallly happened.
I have thought about suggesting to him that he take a lie detector test and actually pretend that I have a date and time for him to take it just to see how he reacts.
He has never really had any time for me so the marriage has been a mess for a long time but he swears if we can get this sorted then he will make things better and try much harder.
I have been with him for almost 17 years and he has never cheated on me.
I will be 46 soon and I still love him but I just cant go on with doubt about this because if he did touch her then it means I might have to live never knowing the full truth and that would be a horrible way to live.
I would likely have this on my mind forever.
I am so confused but my daughter comes first.
By meggan39 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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