How do i get my children to cooperate?

I have always made my children do regular jobs around the house for pocket money.My eldest who was the most helpful, has moved out(actually we moved to country and she stayed to finish school)the other two; daugther 16 son 13 just won't help out!! they have regular chores which they do under sufference and alot of nagging. I can't do it all but i can't handle their lack of cooperation and selfish behaviour.
It really drains me. i can't even get them to do anything nice for me.Help!!!!
From the age of 15 i do not give out pocket money as the children are old enough to get a job. Eldest works and is doing year 12 living on her own. 16 daughter doesn't care, lovely person but takes advantage and refuses to help out and won't get a job. Son's problem is hormonal as he has gotten lazy and grumpy since puberty.
Made them both read all the answers to this. maybe they will realise how unreasonable they are and how lucky. i don't beat them.
By 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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