How do you deal with advice or do you do what you think is best in your heart?

I've been logging on to Sidetaker for about a week or so! I've asked many questions about things that have bothered me and the advice given has been varied! Some of it I agree with, some of it has offended me because I feel people are being judgemental and some of it well.....why bother trying to offer advice when you don't even read the question.
My last and final question is, how do you trust the advice that someone gives you or do you throw it all out and do what you feel best!?
I just wanted everyone to know that while I appreciate the fact that many of you took the time to answer my questions, many of you answered all of them, some of the advice I received was less than pleasant and some was very judgemental. I knew that I was opening myself up to all types of advice when going on this site. The bottom line is that I am motivated and I want a better life !
By motivatedmom6 15 years ago :: General
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