Do I tell or do I keep my mouth shut and cut ties

I guess I should start at the begining Almost 10 years ago my very best friend slept with my husband. This ended both of our marriages. (Hers and mine) It took me a long time, but eventually we became friends again. I looked at it as she had to live with what she did everyday and I divorced the man and never had to deal with him again. Everything was great, she remarried and so did I. Our husbands were good friends and our friendships was as strong as it was all those years ago. Well, while her marriage continued mine ended. Now I am single and loving the freedom; however, she is trying to live out her freedom though me. One of my ex came to me and told me he had messed around with her while we were together. I wasn't really sure who to believe, she says no and he said yes it happened. He told me she told him, “my husband isn't attracted to me, he thinks I'm fat and I think he is cheating on me. We can do this and make each other happy”. I want to believe her story and his so I just dismissed it and moved on. However, a few days ago she called and asked if I would talked to this guy I went on a date with a last week and see if he was into her. (This guys is friends with her husband) I told her that wouldn't be a good idea seeing how he is friends with her husband. She told me “play the poor me card! Her husband doesn't care about her, he thinks she if fat and ugly and he is cheating on her” WOW, at that point the story all made sense. She told me the exact same thing my ex told me she told him. I guess I know who to believe now. The last four people I have dated, she has either had sex with or tried to have sex with. She has had sex with more people in one year being married than I have and I'm the single one. The sad part is she is calling me to help her get hooked up with these guys. It's almost like she thinks she needs to compete with me or she sees how I'm enjoying being single and is jealous and wants that too. So now my question, do I sit back and not say anything about what is going on or do I go to her husband and tell him? Yes I'm angry, I thought we were done with this stupid stuff and I don't know if going to her husband because I'm mad is a good enough reason to tell him what she's up to.
By LittlemisIDK 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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