When is it time to leave?

My husband is a jerk "at leastI think he is!" We dont have any intamacy, zero form of affection. When I try to show him any he just tells me to leave him alone. I asked him if he needs help and he basically told me to go to hell! I asked him how long he expects me to live like this and he had the nerve to tell me to "shout up wait and when I get some just take it and be grateful".I have never cheated on him, cause I take my viws very seriously but I dont know how much more i can take. He's not even allowing me to love him. I'm beginning to get very lonely. He hasn;t said I love you in over a year, and when I say it he brushes me off. We hadn,t kissed in forever so anything more than that FORGET IT!
By Stuff 13 years ago :: Marriage
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