Should we stop talking?

So here's the senario, DON'T JUDGE ME... LOL... Ok, all jokes aside... I never thought that this would happen to me. I grew up in the Islands and as a little girl, I had a crush on an older guy who was a family friend (he's 10 yrs older than me). When I was 13yrs old, he moved to Canada and I was devastated because I knew I wouldn't see or hear from him again for a very long time. When I turned 15yrs old, I moved to the US and somehow we reconnected and started talking over the phone about things that happened back in the islands and our families and friends... He told me that he's married with kids and I was ginuinely happy for him because I was getting ready to get married as well.

The problem is, I've been married now for about a yr and a half and my husband and I can't seem to see eye to eye and he's been pushing me away. We argue often and the word divorce has been coming up alot in our arguements. No matter how hard I tried to work things out with my husband he'll literally malice me for days and I really hate that. (We don't have kids)

When I talk to my guy friend in Canada he tells me how much he loves me and how he wishes that we'd gotten married b/c he always loved me since I was younger but the age difference was a huge problem so there's nothing that he could've done at that time (I really didn't know this). Lately we've been talking very often and I'm starting to feel some type of connection with him, it's as if all my feelings for him are coming back. I know that this is wrong because we're both married but what should I do??? I know some of you are going to be harsh about this but this is the only place that I can really vent this b/c no one will understand.
By truestar 14 years ago :: Marriage
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