who should take the forst step?

my friends and i wanted to go skiing last weekend.
But the tuesday before my grandma became sick and my family and i were supposed to fly to her so i had to cancel the ski weekend.
Something went wrong, i do not know what but no one in my class believed me that we had to go to shanghai, but i didn't know that.
So the monday after everyone acted normal but i already sensed that something was wrong.
When i was on the bus driving home from volleyball training a sms arrived.
It was by a friend (or i thought she was my friend) who asked me if i really was in shanghai. I said yes then she told me she called saturday evening and my brother picked up the phone saying "hallo" (german for "hello") but that couldn't be possible cause he was with us. So i told her it might be our housekeeper who used to be here. Though she didn't believe me and gossiped that all over at msn.
Later that evening when i came online another friend asked me why i was making disparaging remarks about her which i didn't. So that was gossiped all over in my class. The two girls don't talk to me anymore, another one, too, because she is best friends with them. One of them is pretty to be respected so the boys don't dare to talk to me too much in front of her. But if she is not there they are as nice as ever. I really don't understand and i thought they were my friends!
My other friends told me i shouldn't worry about that too much and i don't want to think about this argument too much, too. But it just hurts if i have to walk alone from lesson to lesson (my other friends are not in the same class).
And there is a boy, he is new at our school but he already knew one of my friends. He was the one who introduced us to each other and now i think i am starting to have feelings for this new boy but his friend has respect for that one b**** so i think they will give him a totally false impression of me.

So now i am absoluteley helpless. Someone out there who wants to help me?
I would be very very thankful.
By MsHelpless 15 years ago :: Friends
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