breakup over a cigarette? should i take him back

Before i met my boyfriend i used to smoke. And before my boyfriend met me he used to blaze everyday all day. But when i started dating him he told me he hated it and would complain about it all the time. So i decided to make a deal with him i would quit smoking if he would quit blazing. i mean its only fair right. So 9 months later we were both smoke free and we were going to this party. He tells me before the party that he wants to blaze tonight to celebrate after a big win in basketball, im ok with it because i mean we both were super good for 9 months why not. So the party went on and he blazed and blazed and blazed. Then i got offered a cigarette. I decided i hadnt had one in a while and i had been drinking so my mind set wasnt fully kicked in but i decided to have it. The rest of the night went by i ended up having to take my boyfriend home cause he was puking and a mess and took care of him all night. The next morning i wake up and he tells me its over and to get out of his house...... 1 year of our relationship thrown away because of a cigarette ? it was immature and stupid of him i felt because it wasnt like he was an angel either. And a week later he wants me back... but he wants me to apologize to him because apparently "hes aloud to do what he wants" but im not. What do you think ?
By mixedbeauty 14 years ago :: Dating
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