What next for the world of technology?

I just saw on Regis and Kelly the newest T.V (52 inch) with off to the side, a tweet screen. I can't even do this and watch t.v at the same time.lol . What next. There is still MSN.TV. (Webtv) Maybe they can get into that. Watch T.V off to the side will on the internet? Amazing the things they can do but I can't seem to keep up with it all. :) Like online banking. Never have done that. Or pay bills online, haven't done that yet either. My daughter says, MOM, get with the times, you're so old fashioned. I say, why, because I lick a stamp. She says, lick? Where are you from the 70's. ;-) Chip off the old block that one. lol
By Jayde 12 years ago :: General
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