Valentines day is coming up :) What to do...

Alright. Valentines day is coming up and I could use some ideas on what to do. But, I'm in a special situation. See, my girlfriend lives a good 600 miles away and I don't get to see her very often, especially cuz we're both so young (15 and almost 17, she being the older one). We met while she was living closer to me at a church group meeting. So we dated for awhile not really having a typical relationship (I'm still trying to figure out if there is a typical relationship). We'd joke around with each other, but never get mad, get into silly string fights, watch movies together, go for walks and stare up at the sky counting stars. I remember the stop sign we would lay at while doing this. Anyway, very early on in our relationship (I had only known her for 3 days before we started dating) she told me she might be moving (a week into seeing each other). I blew it off until around april when she found out she would certainly be moving (almost 4 months into a relationship now). We decided to stay together until she moved and then that would be the end of it. Anyway, we kept having fun together and whatnot until maybe a week before she moved. She said it was time to go separate directions, I sort of agreed, and we hung out later that day as a sort of good bye kind of thing. Well, the day ended and we decided we weren't done with each other just yet. So we stayed together after she moved. Things were a little rough (liking other people, getting used to the distance, stuff like that) before we sort of fell into a normal habit. Everything is okay now and we don't run into many problems. We just wait until the next time we see each other (about every two months for a couple weeks at a time). So I just wanted to know how I could make valentines day special for her, as I can't see her on actual valentines day :-/ I won't be able to see her until march. So I want to know exactly what I can do to make this valentines day special for her. Any ideas?
By Invalid_name 15 years ago :: Dating
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