Who is being ridiculous in this wedding bridal party decision?

My best friend is getting married in June. I will be 6 months pregnant the day of her wedding and am a bridesmaid, my husband is the best man. We went and tried my dress on with a pregnancy pillow that davids bridal was able to put on me to have the realistic preggo belly effect with my dress. I looked absolutely horrid with this dress on being pregnant and having a tattoo on my left shoulder blade. I asked my best friend if I could do a half up half down hair do oppose to an updo so I am not all belly with a tattoo showing for her wedding. She said she would consider it. This was last night, her wedding is in June. She called me this morning to say no she wants my hair up. So I said count me out of the wedding then. I am sorry but having my hair up while trying the dress on and having the preggo belly on, I looked absolutely horrid! She said well your not suppose to look better than me and I said I am not trying to. I am simply trying to be comfortable and look somewhat decent for her day. And she said that thats right. It is her day and she wants her day the way she wants it. I am supposively being ridiculous? What are your thoughts and opinions? When I got married she was my maid of honor and she had super short hair at the time, I let her do whatever she wanted with it.
By MrsM 14 years ago :: Friends
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