I work a lot!! She hasn't for a while!!. She moved into my place 3 months ago. I pay all expenses. NY or not?

I'm a professional and I work 10 to 12 hours per day. Sometimes six days per week. She has not worked in over a year and moved into my place 3 moths ago because she lost her place.
She wants me to give her money for a plane ticket to go from CA to New York for a one week vacation because I dont spend much time with her anyway; since I'm always working.
She has a good friend there and wont have to pay for lodging or food.

I say: she is wrong to ask for me to give her my hard earned money while she goes by herself to NY for a 1 week vacation while I stay in CA and work harder because I spent in a round trip plane ticket to NY.

She says: I should want to make my girlfriend happy and grant her the money to buy the plane ticket from CA to NY since I'm not going to be spending time with her during that week any way.
By danesq 15 years ago :: Dating
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