Does one person's love for another disprove the idea of Hell?

First I'd like to say I'm not an athiest, but I'm not a devout follower either. I do believe in an almighty God, a higher, divine power that created us. Recently, though, I've had an epiphany. Just because He created us, does that mean He judges us as well? If there is such thing as an eternal sin that can send a person to Hell, doesn't one person's love for the damned pull him back up to Heaven? Wouldn't that person's Heaven not be complete without ALL the people they've loved? How can a person be in both Heaven and Hell? They can't.

I've always based my actions on what effect they'd have on my final judgement. I've sh*t the bed many times. Some of my actions would be considered dealbreakers to enter the Pearly Gates. I am not proud of them and repent for doing them. I've even gone as far as offering to martyr myself, asking God to keep free of harm my family and loved ones and allow me to bare their burdens. It's said that if you repent you will be forgiven of most sins.

What about (and considered) unforgiveable, eternal sins like suicide? Anyone who's committed the act has had at least one person in this world love them. Doesn't that person deserve to have the condemned in their Heaven? Is Heaven not meant to be eternal happiness? I attribute happiness on earth with family and love. True happiness doesn't involve money, sex, or religion. I've had plenty of sex but none of it has brought me as close to Heaven as love I've felt for someone else. Money buys bursts of happiness. Religion makes you believe in happiness, but doesn't really prove it's there. So, by my own definition, happiness to me would be having my family and the people I love together with me wherever that Heaven may be.

If someone I love is not there with me in Heaven, could I be eternally happy? No.

So, how does a serial killer's parents not have their son with them in Heaven? How does a father who became unemployed, unable to feed his children, while in desparation of depression and self-hate, hang himself and not get pulled from an 'eternal damnation' and placed into Heaven where his kids who loved and missed him growing up are waiting. They may be different than they were in body but I'm sure they are there.

Is Hell vacant? Is there even a Hell? People loved you coming into this world and people will love you after you leave it. Where's the eternity in it?

So comes a moral conundrum. If there is no divine recourse for the bad things we do, why are we so good? I'm not saying people should turn the corner. I just want to know why God allows people seemingly doing as asked to fall victim to those allowed to prosper in sin when there's clearly no true way of proving they won't be pulled up to Heaven by a loved one regardless their actions.

How can there be a balance between Heaven and Hell if one doesn't seem to exist? What's that say about Heaven?
By divine9 14 years ago :: General
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