Boyfriend can only orgasm by jerking off?

Hi. I have a boyfriend who gets off to computer porn quite regularly. I would like to make it clear I have no problem with him viewing porn in the slightest, except for one thing.

He can't seem to have an orgasm when we have sex. If he does, it's rare. We see each other about three to four times a week and do it once or twice a day, so it's not a lack of sex that seems to be the issue. He can jack off to porn and orgasm himself quite easily, and can even jack off above me and come. It's just that he is unable to do it during the actual act. I am very concerned and it is starting to affect my view of him and myself.

Other than this, we get along great and everything seems perfect. We do not live together, if that makes any difference. I am starting to feel inadequate because I can not make him orgasm, yet he can make himself orgasm while viewing porn or just giving himself a hand job. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times he has had an orgasm from sex. Is he viewing porn so much that he has essentially programmed himself to only reach a climax from jerking off?

I honestly don't know what to do. I've suggested tons of new positions, new ideas, and none have worked. I am really feeling down about this. We can go for hours and nothing happens. I eventually give up and tell him to work on himself, and he comes in about 5 minutes with porn or just watching me lay on the bed. What should I do?
By Wouldnt 14 years ago :: Dating
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