Was she at the wrong? Or was it me?

Hi. This gerl and I have been close friends for like a year now. But a few months back, we had this huge argument, cause of her boyfriend, and she went back and forth with the whole situation.

But then she met this other guy after breaking up with guy 1. But again, she's a changed person. She would ignore me whenever they're chatting and would only come to me when everything else is screwed up between them. I've been trying to be patient with her and just the whole situation itself, but it came to a point that I just needed to tell her.

But of course, she got offended and blocked me off every site. And the worst part is, she gave my email add out to her boyfriend and her friend's boyfriend.
And those two guys have been emailing me like 5 times today, calling me names and stuff.
By Burberry 15 years ago :: Friends
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