How do I go about leaving him? Has anyone ever been through this with their ex? He's pyscho!

Ok, to begin, I'm twenty and my boyfriend is 27 so there's quite a decent age gap between us. Before I met him, I was in at least what I thought to be an abusive relationship, both verbal and physical with my son's father. In the long run, I ended up in jail and leaving him because he was just a loser anyways.

Then I met my current boyfriend about two months later and have been with him a year and a half. About four months after we got together we out with some friends and returned home. Everything was fine. I said something that set him off and he shoved me down on his bed and wrapped both hands over my neck. I woke up the next morning and couldn't swallor with black and blue finger prints ALL over my neck. He acted like nothing was wrong and that it never even happened. I tried asking what I did that made him to do that and he replied with "You should know, you're the one that made me do it." First off, I don't care what any girl said to you to make you that mad, you don't lay a hand on her.

Every month thereafter, there would be one or two altercation that would result with my head being shoved through a wall, my car window broken, $500 dollars worth of my cosmetology school supplies being burnt, my camera being broken, him lighting my school books on fire on the HOOD OF MY CAR while I locked my self inside with my head buried in the passenger seat. I'm not "allowed" to talk to guys, go out with my friends, have my own facebook or MySpace or even have guys in my phone. He even made me ditch my guyfriend that I've know since I was in diaper just because he was a guy.

He's broken my elbow twice by shoving me to the ground, cracked my open on concrete which lead to me getting 17 stitches in my head. He's only like this when he drinks. I have no friends, no life and I'm sick and tired of it. This is like prison more then a relationship. He gets to go out with his friends all the time and do whatever but when I would like to go out and do something, nope, it isn't happening.

I've only left him four days and at my attempt in doing so, I changed my number and ignored him. He texted and called my mom four those four days straight and told my own mother that if I didn't talk to him that things would be worse and this will be the worse breakup I've ever had. This weekend, he broke my window again for the second time and won't pay for it.

I'm done and ready to walk away. I deserve much better and so does my son. He told me last night that there is better guys out there but I won't find them. He's always calling me b***h. That's an all the time ocurrence. Nothing new. Today he calle me a bad mother just because he's immature and that was the only thing that he had to even try and step on my toes with. My son is fed, warm, happy,dressed nice, and has a family that loves him very much. What more does he need.

I'm just scared that if I walk away now, it's going to be like that last time with all the threats and text message and phone calls. Does anyone have any suggestions. And please don't say I'm stupid for being with him this long, I know this but it's more difficult to leave and abuser then you know. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)
By ChelseaRene 14 years ago :: Dating
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