How to deal with this situation?

I just broke up with my girlfriend of 10 months, i'm so sad that it hurts me deeply, i can't function normally in school, i cant do anything without thinking of her.

we agreed to wait and see what happens until february the 28'th, where we will tell each other we have been thinking of, concerning wether or not the relationship should be tryed again.

my neighbor sais it's normal to break up and get back, (im 18), and it's really 50/50 because one part of me want to go on, but the other part loves that girl so much i just wanna scream.,, i dont want to loose someone i've had great times with for so long.

and we just broke up because of arguing too much, i need to respect her statements more, and she needs to not get pissed that easily (a longer story all in all).

but, how to overcome this?
how to act to her?
what to do?!??!?!?!?!?!
By 15 years ago :: Marriage
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