I am absolutely heartbroken....4 years..now nothing?

Im 19.. me and my boyfriend broke up...after 4 years.
It ended pretty badly...arguments... i did everything in my power to get it right between us..everytime i seemed to cut contact he would come back and just assume i would always be there because i always let him back in.
New years eve....we fell out...big time...and everyone around us got involved and his best friend fell out with me and my mum ..his dad fell out with my mum. it all got soo soo messy. All i wanted was an explanation from him and everyone else did it for him but yelled at me and said i was unstable.

soo i cut contact...completely. Then after a week he contacted me and we started to text one another. it was difficult because everyone had fell out..so we had to do it in secret...it was like it was when we first met..we were getting along great.. he lead me to believe we were getting back together.. i thought we were i really truly believed that...we kissed we were embracing and wanting each other so much.

On monday his dad found at throught the phone bill and went mad at him. Later that day he met up with me and said after everything that we couldnt go back....how can we go back? it cant happen.

Im so devastated that he did that to me...hes done it to me so many times...begs me back...phones me texts me when he decides to..and then just decides when its right for him? hes built me up and then knocked me down so many times....yet i still love him and want him so much.

Now hes talking to another girl being really flirty on the same day of saying goodbye to me? is this just falseness? surely after saying all that to me?

Hes tried calling me AGAIN since i said goodbye...but i cant answer because he will do it to me again :( the only way is if he goes out of his way for me :'( im so distraught....he was everything to me
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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