what to do if youre husband and dad are not in good terms..?

we live in my parents house for several years now waiting for our papers for US to be processed..during our stay we had a very big problem..my mom caught my dad doing an act with our maid..but still we live in the same house..now conflicts arise as we goin with our lives with our dad still staying in our house in different room from my mom..he has no work my is the only one working for us.my husband and i help my mom but my dad gets irritated because i think his jealous that we our helping my mom and he being useless in this house.now my dad gets irritated to my husband and find faults of my husband..i cant blame my husband to lose respect to my dad because of what he did.and now my husband is beggining ti disrespect me too..what should i do plssss help me.
By robie 14 years ago :: Marriage
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