Am I wrong for getting upset over this?

My husband likes a woman that he works with. He thinks that she is gorgeous and flirts openly with her on the job ( I have overheard him telling his friends this AND he has admitted it to me). This chick is currently pregnant but is single, her pregnancy does not stop my husband from having inappropriate conversations with her. Our daughter just out grew her infant car seat and we bought her a new, bigger one. My husband asked me if we could give the pregnant lady at work our baby's old car seat, crib, clothes etc. Am I wrong for being upset by this? I looked at him and answered, "No you may not give her anything from this home." I left it at that but today I'm still seething. I would like to take that old car seat down to the factory and beat the crap out of both of them with it. Opinions?
By xoxo 14 years ago :: Marriage
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