How to get rid of my ex?????

Hi.. I am 26 and I have been married for 11 months now to a very loving and supporting man. My husband stays off shore for 4 months at a stretch during which i stay with my in laws.
My ex was an obsessed man who made my life a total reck. My husband knows about this. Recently when my husband went away, my ex started sending me texts. I have tried changing my number but it doesn't help. I don't want to bother the old couple with all this and my husband is away and telling him would mean making him miserable because he wont be able to come home now.
My ex hasn't done anything apart from sending me texts but I fear if this will escalate into something more. Should I tell my husband about it???
Thanks for your inputs.
By KrKt 14 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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