Am I wrong for getting angry a little jealous or insecure?

Well my husband thinks he HAS to have female friends because guys are boring and they don't talk about fashion and only about sports...
So one time I checked our phone records (maybe I am wrong but it is OUR phone plan) and I say these calls that lasted 172 minutes 90 minutes and they were all the same number, i knew whom this number belonged to, a female ,SINGLE, co worker, she wasnt gorgeous or anything BUT he talked to her while I was at work, and ONLY when I worked in the evenings. That is one thing. Im just wondering if I have the right to be pissed off that he EXCESSIVLEY talks to single females? I said I dont care if he talks to married ones but keep it to a minimum. and not lie to me. oh and the single female co workers he was texting sometimes at 12am. he has a myspace and face book I do not like to him to have SINGLE females on there married ones i dont care about.

Am I wrong for not want my husband to have single females friends after he pulled that excessive phone calls and texting?
By WifeandMomof2 14 years ago :: Marriage
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