I know But I cant Say :(

Me(21) and my BF(24) have a general rule about not sharing passwords just to maintain a bit of our privacy and we are ok with that.
We have been in the relation for 1 n half years and are thinking of marriage in a few years.
A week back, he used my laptop to access his account and forgot to log out. Later, on discovering this, I couldnt keep my curiosity in control( I sooo regret it) and saw his achived chats and mails.
Basically what I discovered that he flirts with this one particular online female friend mostly; saying the same kind of things he used to say to me or like telling her that he bought something which I might have gifted him (to impress her). He is not into some dirty flirting with her but the way he chats as if he is really concerned and worried about her and is like her real good friend. He also invites her to movies(but the girl says she can't). He hasnt told her about me n also told her he is single.
I cant confront him becuase then I will have to tell him I saw his email account.
Should I be worried about my relation??
By g22n 15 years ago :: Dating
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