Can a broken friendship be fixed?

I really hurt a friend's feeling and I feel terrible about this; I was depressed and she tried to talk to me, but I kinda just took my frustration on her and sent her some angry/rude messages (no obscenities). She now blocked me on facebook. I want to apologize but can friendships go back the way it was before if she forgive me? before I hurt her feelings? we were great friends.

Everything was a huge misunderstanding neither her nor me were trying to avoid/be mean to each other on purpose. When they tried to talk to me I was really too depressed to listen; when I was normal they avoided me because they thought I was still being antisocial and depressed for no reason. she is at fault and I am at fault too that is why I feel bad about this whole thing and I cant really just "move on"
By 15 years ago :: Friends
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