Does my mom's friend's husband want to sleep with me? or is this innocent fun?

So I know I have mentioned on here before that my mom's best friend's husband recently starting poking me, touching my thigh under the table (but i always thought it was because of pure coincidence or playful gesture having to do with jokes or funny incidents) but today when I am over it escalated more to him lightly tapping me on the butt two times when he passed me by...i gave him, "the stare" and he started feeling uneasy right away and mumbled something along the lines of, "why aren't you eating anything?".Could a man just be joking when he taps a 22 year old girl on the butt or does that mean he wants something. I told me mom and she said, "who knows...." is she in denial or whats going on? I am serious with these questions...could this STILL be innocent?
ps...please mention your age so i know who's responding to me and how serious and relevant the responses are :)

the weirdest thing is that he's never super nice to me when everyone is cautious and around...he tries to not talk to me but during these weird times he sends out these signals. I was sitting in the bar section of his kitchen and he came up to me and said, "always sitting in the wrong place" and trying to push me off by putting pressure on my leg with his leg (it was hot). However, in front of my parents he tries to make the "games" seem harmless like pulling my hat down or something

the worst part about this is that it's kind of turning me on and I wait until he makes the next move...but on the other hand i don't like it and it's wrong..and I don't know what to do. When nobody was around I was calling their family dog's name (mini dog) to come to me while the dog was on his lap and he wouldn't come. So I came over and said, "come here" again to the dog and he (the husband) grabbed me by my scarf and started pulling me gently towards him...i then said, "stop you're choking me jokingly) and tried picking the dog up from his lap slowly (it was close to his crotch) and I sat on the arm of the sofa chair and started asking questions about work...etc.

i wouldn't sleep with him though AND THAT'S A FACT....i just enjoy the game...but on the other hand i don't. It's driving me crazy...and his wife is drop dead gorgeous...thin, big lips, soft olive skin
the guy is 46, 47? i think
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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