I'm in a sticky situation v-day problems:(?

OK I'm going to give you a lil bit of a side story. last Sunday my bf brought me over to meet his sis and her four kids. they went to play cards after a while and i spent time with her girls which was a lot of fun it was also on super bowl so it was extra fun.but he doesn't believe in PDA while he is around his family. well this Sunday is v-day and he wants to go over there again but the problem is isn't v-day suppose to be about being with one another? and if we go over there i wont get any lovey dovey attention. so what should i do? should i tell him i really wanna spend v-day with just me and him or should i let him go see his family and get out of the house even know its on a special day?
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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