Am i being neurotic or do i really have a reason to be upset?

Just a brief synopsis. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 18 months. We just recently moved in with each other around 2 months ago and needless to say it has been quite awful. Fights occur daily over the most petty stuff and I almost feel like we have a father daughter relationship. Keep in mind that a while ago he told me that he gets off on fighting, which is immature in itself. So with all the fighting I was hoping that valentines day could be just one day the we could make special for the sake of our relationship so I was trying to find something for us to do. So when we came to me with the idea that we go to NC and get a cabin and go skiing I was floored and very excited. In hopes to help his surprising effort I tried to look for cabins and when I found some I emailed them to him and his response was that they were all booked and that he thought it was a better idea that we just go and get a cabin the first week of march WITH HIS MOM AND STEPDAD and celebrate then. Keep in mind his mom has been a wedge between us since the beginning. She has told me that G-d hung the moon for Will (my boyfriend) and that basically no one is good enough for him, and that since im a career minded person I wont be able to full fill his needs and be a lady and clean and cook for him. So now he has that persona as well. So beyond that I told him that I didn't want to go on the trip to bring his friend that is constantly sleeping on our couch cause he is always over and they can drink and act a fool like always in NC with his family. So its been a back and forth argument about this for a couple days now. I know your love should be celebrated every day but since things have been so rocky lately I really was hanging my hat on this coming Sunday. Now he continues to say that Valentines day is not a holiday for women and that the guys arnt supposed to plan shit and that it's a joint effort. So it looks like nothing is happening. So I guess I have two questions, Am I being neurotic about the plans falling through and him wanting to celebrate with him mom and I on another weekend and is it really not the guys area to plan something for valentines?

Sorry this was so long, but I appreciate the comments 
By Lovebuggie 14 years ago :: Dating
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