Have been talking to this guy for over a month now and not sure how he's feeling..

I've been "talking" to this guy for about a month now. In the beginning, when we first started hanging out, we were together every day for 10 days straight, like he couldn't get enough of me. He went away, but kept in touch daily and said how much he missed me.. I was with him the day and night he got back.. but since then, he has been extremely distant. We only talk in the morning, and he never makes an attempt to see me. Its been 2 weeks since he's been home and I've only seen him once. He hasn't mentioned valentines day at all. In the beginning he was talking about how he wanted to take me on vacation, and making all these future plans. He even introduced me to his entire family. He has said that he is extremely busy with work and the next few months are going to be like this for him.. Should I assume that he's not interested anymore? and that I'm not seeing him for valentines day?
By cutie143 14 years ago :: Dating
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