Complacency takes it toll on me... :((((

I have been in a steady relation with my boyfriend for over a year. We live separately( in the same city) and are both pursuing our studies along with carrer...
We meet as often as possible and keep in touch every day through texts, call and chats.
My guy has become complacent about me, he knows I am committed to him and vice versa so he is soo assured that he gives me his time every day but not his attention. I feel like a To-DO thing in his daily schedule and it irks me like anything.( None of us are cheating, flirting or eyeing other people)

this is the same guy who'd want to spend his every waking moment with me... and now it seems that yes, he loves me a lot yet he will not put in an effort to make things a bit happening between us at least once in a while. I know every relation has a phase like this but I am tired of being taken granted for this way and when I voice it, I am told that I am being immature which frustrates me to no limit.
We can't move in together for at least 1 year yet (our studies and carrer are our first priority).
Am I being unreasonable or he is being too harsh on me????
what shud I do..
thnks for ur suggestions
By k22p 15 years ago :: Dating
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