Should weapons be sold to minors?

I was at my friends house yesterday, and he showed me the air soft gun he bought from a bazaar not too long ago. This kid is turning 13 in less then a month and it simply amazes me that a person can sell this to a kid without the parents consent. He was also offered numerous hunting knives from the same vendor that the air soft gun came from. Now, should there be restrictions placed on whether or not a kid this age should be able to purchase a bb gun or hunting knife WITHOUT parental consent? This simply blew my mind that he was able to attain this gun and would've been able to buy a hunting knife, if he so chose to, without anyone doing anything to stop him. The bb gun was just 25 dollars! That's pocket change for many kids. There are almost no boundaries set for the sale of these items to children and I'm wondering how many of you think there should be.
By Invalid_name 14 years ago :: General
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