If your boss was a drug addict would you quit?

My boss is a doper. I accidentally got this job when I drove my dad here. The owner was in a bad spot and REALLY needed the help. My dad is a manager and I was hired as an administrative assistant, so in short I help my dad w/ what he needs. As for my boss, he does not return his phone calls to anyone, he goes M.I.A sometimes, his bills are NOT being paid so we have collectors calling (he is not hurting financially) and he treats people as if he is GOD. Not me and my dad of course, but you get the picture. He's actually really sweet to me. But ANYWAY, if I leave, I'll leave my dad in a wreck. I've tried talking to my boss, and he says changes will be made but I see NO CHANGE! Everyone here knows of the drug prob.
I'm torn cuz there is nobody else here running the office but me, if I leave I put my dad in a bad spot. I've been tolerating this for weeks (only been here a lil' over a month, that's pretty bad), I've stayed out of loyalty to my dad not to the owner. What would you do?
By 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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