GF think men can't be trusted. not even her bf.

I have been dating my gf for 4 years and we are very serious about each other. However, my gf has had a rough childhood with her dad cheating on his wife and eventually abandoning his family who were left penniless.

She says that she can't trust men and thinks that I will cheat on her someday some how. I have been loyal to her for the past four years and she knows I couldn't have cheated on her since we are together 24/7 (literally. We live together, in the same masters program, take same classes, only hang out with mutual friends).

I understand where her trust issues are coming from, but it's also very hard for me to endure the interrogative questions and accusations and etc. We recently had a huge argument because I went home for a weekend and met up with my highschool friends (including some girls that I haven't talked to or seen in ages) and she heard some girls voice over the phone while I we were talking on the phone. I was at a restaurant with 5 other people, and these girls were merely talking next to me.

Sometimes I want to just tell her to snap out of it, but it's still a very sensitive topic for her, and I def. don't want to be an asshole about it.

What should I do? I really think that she is the one and I want to marry her, but how do I get her to break the trust issue?

PS. I am completely whipped. balls and chain. please don't suggest things like breaking up. I want the solution.
By bubltrubl 14 years ago :: Dating
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