Which option should we choose?!

The Situation
We recently discovered we were pregnant, requiring many new plans and decisions for the coming years. One of these decisions is concerning the nursery and the furniture required to decorate it sufficiently. We also acquired a new solid oak furniture set consisting of a dining room hutch, 2 large storage units (not exactly bookshelves, but a combination of drawers, shelves, and open storage), and a coffee table. The hutch and coffee table have found an appropriate place in the house, but the 2 large units are currently in the garage.

We agree that the garage is not a sufficient long-term storage location for the bookshelves, but exactly what to do with them is the dilemma that brings this story to your attention.

The Perspectives
Spouse 1 thinks that matching furniture is important and would like to decorate the nursery with a new crib, changing table, armoire, and rocking chair. This member is therefore content with selling the 2 large units and using the money to purchase the nursery furniture.

Spouse 2 thinks that selling furniture that belongs in a set is silly and could be saved for future use. This member is therefore content with using the recently acquired oak units for the required storage in the nursery instead of purchasing a new armoire.

Clearly, there is some disagreement.

The Options
1) Satisfy Spouse 1

2) Satisfy Spouse 2

3) Place the 2 units in the attic for potential future use - this is not practical as it requires demolition of the attic to move the units into the attic

4) Put the 2 units in the guest bedroom which requires moving the current dresser out of the guest bedroom.
4a) Sell the dresser and use the money to purchase nursery furniture
4b) Use the dresser in the nursery instead of buying an armoire
4c) Put the dresser in the attic for potential future use
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