OK, enough is enough.

Clearly there is a fight going on that does not feel like it is going to go away. And at some point SideTaker is going to step in and do something because this fight is distracting from what I think THEY want this place to be, a place to resolve differences, and WE CANNOT EVEN RESOLVE OUR OWN DIFFERENCES. Its a black eye for what it represents to the rest of the world. Its now been about a month, and nothing has been resolved, and I just can't relish looking forward to the next month of repeated back and forth on this dispute.

I'm going to ask everyone to take a breath and ask yourself: is this enjoyable ? is this really why we come here first thing in the morning ?

Now some may say, how hypocritical of him,,,,,, I push a Point Of View and on the next post, I leave the last post behind me, I don't take one post into the next. Julie is right about one thing, and I have taken her point to heart, But THIS fight has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any of the posted questions that we come here to render our opinions on OR TO OFFER HELP ABOUT.


There is guilt on both sides IMO because NO ONE is choosing to just keep a comment to yourself. You don't always HAVE to give an opinion people, and you don't ALWAYS have to reply. At what point is SideTaker going to say enough is enough and step in ? Do you know HOW they will resolve this ? Is canceling an account an option ? and what if they do not see it YOUR way ? Who is going to be ejected ? Sometimes the best move of all, is no move at all. Clearly there are vocal sides on this spat, and clearly there are silent supporters on the other, but what no one seems to be thinking is how will this spat be resolved AND by who ? Take control and be the one who quashes this spat. My gut tells me that Time is growing short and that your option to choose to walk away from this spat will not be there anymore. BOTH SIDES. I just really do not get this, but more than anything, I'm just wondering, a month from now, Is everyone going to STILL be beating their heads against this same brick wall expecting different results ? and is that not the classic definition of insanity ? Walk away from it EVERYONE, because you can choose this as an option to settle this spat.

By GreyBeard 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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