Should I stay and hope that she'll break from her ex-husband and realize that she's happier with me, not him?

Well, to start she called me out of the blue, a friend of mine had gave her my ph#. She said she was looking for a friend or maybe more. Needless to say it was more. Her story goes like this. She has been divorced from her ex-husband for 3yrs now. They have a 17 year old daughter. Due to financial reasons she has been living with her ex-husband for about the past 6 months. In this time he has repeatedly kicked her out of his house. And, as expected, she has always returned. That is until now since she has met me. So now her ex, from what I gather, who has always treated her like dirt decides that he has just now finally realized how wrong he has been after 17 yrs of marriage and 3years of divorce. She was married at the early age of 17 and is now 36. As for me I'm currently laid off expecting to return in a few weeks. And as for him he has a good paying job which really hamstrings me in that aspect. However, She tells me and has told her ex that she feels something for me that she has never felt before for any one, ever! I care a great deal about her as well. And would very much like to persue this relationship. She says she wants to be with me but the ex has really pulled out all the stops this time. Like I told her He's batting a perfect 300. She has always crawled back to him. Only this time she has a shot at really being in love with someone who truly loves her back. And not be stuck in a relationship, that was forced upon two teenagers, that has long run it's course. I'd truly apprecite any input from sum folks outside of my box. I Know it may be wrong to give up on something that's so coveted and sought after,that meaning real true love. I do love her and truly think she loves me as well. But with her not being akin to unfamiliar territory, I'm afraid she'll run back to that which she knows and is most familiar with as she has always done before. Thank You
By Munts 13 years ago :: Dating
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