How do I deal with it??? :(((

I am 21 student and my guy is a 24 year old WCD. we're in the same city but are not able to meet often but keep in touch through calls and messages.
I am basically a person who'll compromise and adjust with every thing but I want to feel loved and cherished in a relation.
My guy has completely cut out on that and is like he can't make me feel that loved on through calls. he can only do it when he meets me on a date (which is like once in 2 or 3 weeks).
I feel unloved and uncared for, still I try to adjust. He has to work all the time on his system and he tries to give me time when he is oh his system (keeps me on call or chat). I am the kinds who'd be happy with just 5 minutes of attention in day but I want total atention.
I compromise and adjust with this divided attention all week but in the weekend, I really want that he gives me his undivided attention at least for some while(talk, connect and spend some time with me). This never seems to happen because I am told, "I'll talk to you while I surf random stuff, xyz"
This always leads into a huge fight and indirectly forms the basis of our most fights.
I am tired and he is not ready to understand my point of view. I cant shut my self anymore, We both love each other a lot yet I dont wanna live anymore, all this has made me depressive.
How do I sort it.
Thank you(sry for making it sooo long)
By lost4ever 14 years ago :: Dating
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