Best friend and dealing with love, which way do I go?

Me and a very close friend of mine started messing around sometime back but as soon as I asked her to make things official, she freaked and got weird on me. Tried figuring out why she reacted this way cuz she said she really liked me but didnt want a BF.

Ended up moving out of state, cuz I feel like I needed to move on, didnt work that well cuz she didnt want to stop being friends so she did most of the calling. Well, Now she tells me she was young and wished things were had turned out differnt between us and regrets things.

My problem is that we both really love eachother, but I dont want to see her. Cant put my finger on it but going to see her really scares me. As much as I want too I feel like Im trying to be strong and shes making me weak again.
My heart wants too but my head says not too.
Any feedback would help
By 13 years ago :: Dating
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