Is it safer to go back with someone you just met in a bar, or to meet someone you have been talking to online?

Talking to for a long time. Is it more likley they are a psycho than someone you have actually seen? How can you really tell the difference after a couple hours in a bar more so then writing to them for a month or two? Other than you know 100% what they actually look like. You can't really tell anything by that though. Serial killers are usually charismatic likeable people. That's how they get their victims. People can look as far as dress however they want to. And they can also say whatever they want to wether it's typing or talking. And real psychos can be just as convinceing either way. If someong looks crazy, chances are they aren't nearly as crazy as people think they are. But it's the "normal" looking people you should worry about. If your going to kill someone why make yourself look suspicious?
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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