What should I do about my relationship situation?

My girlfriend and I have been going out for nearly three years. After spending time abroad, we moved into my mom's basement (classy, I know) to save money for a while so my girlfriend could go back to earn a graduate degree. It's been about 5 months since we moved in here, and due to friction with my mom we felt it was time to start looking for our own place to rent. Then last week my girlfriend had an emotional breakdown and left the state to go be with her parents and family. When she left I was under the impression our relationship was over, but then she told me otherwise. She said she missed me, and a few days later she started using the word "love" again. Now she wants me to move to her state to live with her family. I feel I'll be absolutely miserable doing this. She has a job offer here, and it's a job that will pay for her entire grad school career. But due to this breakdown, she feels she just can't handle the job and wants to stay where she is and wants me to come there. But I can't do it. I think it will only result in our relationship ending and (in the long run, when she realizes she's given up a great job that will pay for her education) her becoming depressed again.

Part of me feels like it'd be easier to just end this. But then again part of me feels like after 3 years, I have nothing to "go back to," and my life is nothing without her. And part of me fears dying alone (this is, for all intents and purposes, my first serious relationship and I don't know how I'd ever find another given my social anxiety). I don't know what to do here. I can't go live with her family; for sure that will be the death of the relationship as I can't stand her parentals. Should we take a break? Should I just give up? Any advice is appreciated.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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