Which of the two guys I'm interested in should I choose?

Let me start off my situation by explaining that I've never really been an outgoing person, in fact, during high school I was extremely shy and found it very hard to be open or talk to new people, especially males. Only after I got my job did I begin to open up, as it's a somewhat social profession. I have never had a boyfriend, never been in a relationship, and have only just begun to be able to consider feeling comfortable with the possibility of having one.

For the past few years, because I was so scared and nervous around people in my daily life, I found it a lot easier to meet, talk to, and make friends online. During highschool I spent much of my time at home after school talking to my online friends. A year ago, before I got hired for my job, I met a really great guy one night who lives in Australia (and I live in Canada). We've talked since then, at first he was just 'this guy I talked to', then 'this guy I liked', then 'my online boyfriend' and now, I guess since my whole family knows about him, he's my 'long distance boyfriend". Being 19, and living an ocean away, we have obviously never met, however we've got plans made to meet in August of this year. I've developed strong feelings for him, despite not meeting in person, and we spend a lot of time together talking each day. I feel very lucky to have met him as he is a great guy.Saying that, I will now introduce my dilemma.

I started working last January at my job (just over a year and a month now) and around April I met a very nice guy around my age or in his early 20's who I would see every so often, about once or twice a month, sometimes 3 or 4 months in between. We've always been very friendly and I get along with him so well, he's one of the only guys I feel comfortable talking with that's my age because he has this way about him that puts my nerves at ease with his kindness. He's never asked me out, never really implied it, but I think he's a shy type of person like me and we share that bond. Lately, I've seen him once or twice a week which is sort of uncommon with what I do, and he always stops to talk to me. I think he might be interested in me, in a roundabout way. I am also slightly interested in him, but having this interest feels wrong.

My question is, I don't really know how to handle the situation. I know I'm lonely because I wish the guy from Australia was really here, but I do know he PLANS to come here, so even if we aren't together now, we will be. On the other hand, this guy from my work is here right now, however I know that my feelings for him don't match the ones I have for my long distance boyfriend and I wonder, if he is really willing to come here if it would be a huge mistake to choose someone I hardly know just because he's available here and now.

I would really appreciate some feedback, but please don't make fun of the fact I met the first guy online, it's always been my comfort zone being a shy person and it just naturally happened.
By confused19 15 years ago :: Dating
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